Originally published on April 4, 2014 by Rita Arrup

Spring has finally arrived, after an endless winter filled with dark, dreary, damp days!  Let the sun shine in as you illuminate all the areas in your life where nickel is making an unwelcome appearance.

After enduring a long winter, many people are ready to shed their worries and enjoy all that life has to offer now that spring has arrived!  Perhaps itchy nickel allergy rashes have been adding to the gloomy days of winter.  Spring is the perfect time to take charge of those nickel allergy symptoms.  The first step is to reveal the places where nickel is causing problems.  An itchy abdomen likely means there is nickel in belt buckles, belt straps, or buttons and snaps on clothing.  An accurate and easy way to test is a dmg (dimethylglyoxime) spot test such as  Nickel Alert™  which is considered extremely reliable as it detects nickel in levels as low as ten parts per million.  It is safe to use on any metal item and provides fast results.

Once nickel is discovered, there are two ways to resolve future skin contact.  First would be the obvious, get rid of the item – donate, sell, give to friends and family – just don’t wear it anymore!  A second choice would be to use Nickel Guard™ to protect the skin from the metal.  Nickel Guard is a lacquer to be brushed onto the metal surfaces of any non-movable item.  With two thin coats, there will be effective barrier protection in place to last through many wearings.  Nickel Guard does wear with time, but can be easily re-applied.  It, too, is safe for any metal item but is not to be used with movable metal parts.

Needing to replace those “cleaned out” items?  Then it is time to do some spring shopping!  Athena Allergy has a large selection of products that each come with the unconditional guarantee to never cause a nickel allergy reaction.  These new tan or russet colored belts are just the right touch for the season.  Whether paired with a titanium buckle on the Mt. Pisgah Casual Tan Titanium belt or a nickel free zinc buckle on the Silver Square Tan belt, these belt straps are a lightened up shade with natural markings and texture to make each one unique.

The Athena Allergy jewelry designer has beaten her winter blues by designing fanciful earrings just for the warmer weather!  If a Spring Break beach trip is on schedule, be sure to pack the enchanting Sea Stars Hypoallergenic Earrings!  All the whimsy, none of the nickel rash!  Other cheerful spring designs include the floral Spring Has Sprung and the romantic Emerging Butterflies Hypoallergenic Earrings.

Spring also brings important events to most everyone's life.  Whether it is graduation or an early morning soccer match, there is no reason to be late due to an itchy wrist rash from nickel allergy! Watches are notorious for containing nickel on the metal clasps.  Regular wear, especially during the warmer months often brings that itchy nickel rash back in full force.   It's time to be on time and nickel rash free with Certified Nickel Safe™ Watches. Today's selection of watches on the Athena Allergy website are made of stainless steel which may contain trace amounts of nickel, but the nickel is so tightly bound that it will never test positive for nickel and will never cause a nickel allergic reaction.  Customers can depend upon that guarantee.

With the advent of spring comes another family ritual - the Easter Basket! In speaking with company owner Michael Dow, he asked that customers be reassured about nickel in chocolate.  This is an important concern, especially for parents as they fill those Easter baskets for their children. Chocolate is considered a food item that is high in nickel, but should not pose a problem for the great majority of nickel allergy sufferers.  If a low nickel diet has been recommended by one's allergist, then the much-loved gummy bears may have to replace the chocolate bunny for Easter basket treats.

Spring is a time of new beginnings, so clean out those rash inducing accessories and start anew with Athena Allergy.

Healthy Spring Cleaning – Sweep Away Nickel Allergy Symptoms!

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