When NoNickel.com starting making belts a decade ago, they were simply trying to fill an important need – 100% nickel free belts for men, women, and children so that their uncomfortable itchy abdominal rash from nickel allergy could be a thing of the past.

Recently, the owners of this small family business realized that several of their belts have a significant following and could be approaching cult status. What better holiday gift than one that has been tried and proven by so many? Every Nickel Smart® belt offered by NoNickel.com is Certified Nickel Free™ and comes with the lifetime guarantee to never test positive for nickel.

The most popular series is undoubtedly the Roan Mountain Belts. The original Roan Mountain Nickel Free Leather Belt is the belt tailored to feel like an old favorite from the first day it is worn. The soft comfortable full grain leather strap has been handcrafted in the USA then the nickel free buckle is stitched to the strap to avoid any unnecessary metal touching the skin. This casual hypoallergenic belt is welcomed as a gift due to its amazing comfort and laid-back look that fits perfectly into anyone’s casual wardrobe.  Rising quickly to popularity is the Roan Mountain Distressed Leather Belt. Distressed leather literally has a unique look as no two straps ever appear exactly the same. Also made in the USA, these belts blend vintage looks with a contemporary casual flair.  Made of the same incredible leather as the original, but paired with an ultra-durable titanium buckle, the Roan Mountain Titanium Belt is the answer for those on your gift list who may have nickel allergy along with allergies to other metals. Titanium is one of the recommendations NoNickel has for this group of allergy sufferers. Making this titanium belt an even sweeter gift is the fact that it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Yes, one belt built for life and guaranteed against breakage and defects! If a black belt suits your loved one better, take a look at the Smoky Mountain Nickel Free Belt – it also comes in distressed leather and both come with titanium buckles as options!

Another excellent option for those who have multiple metal allergies is the Nickel Smart Carbon Fiber Belt Collection. These carbon fiber belts are zero metal belts, so no metal means no metal allergy symptoms. After introducing these sophisticated belts, it was quickly realized that carbon fiber belts are sought after by many who require metal free belts for their occupations or for frequent travel. These metal free belts are also “beep-free” through metal detector screenings, making them convenient for anyone with a high security job. While there are plastic belts that can make the same claim, these belts offer consummate style. Crafted from solid pieces of real leather, the pure carbon fiber buckle is stitched to the strap eliminating any need for metal snaps or closures. Best choices for holiday giving? There are so many, but The Specialist Black Belt was the first offered – its classic belt style made it highly coveted from day one. Since that time other carbon fiber pin buckles have been added to the collection including the Carbon Fiber Wide Pin Brown Belt that offers great versatility in wear. The dark chocolate brown strap is paired with the popular wide pin style carbon fiber buckle to make this the “go with everything travel belt”!

A little history. NoNickel’s parent company began when the owners realized that there was a need to provide an accurate and easy test for nickel along with a way to protect the skin from nickel. Nickel Solution® was born out of this desire and has made life easier for thousands! This two-part kit is considered the building block for avoiding nickel allergy symptoms. Simply test the metal for nickel with Nickel Alert® and when it is found, use the protective coating Nickel Guard™. At that time, company owners also realized the urgent need for beautiful jewelry that would never cause a nickel allergy rash. Their commitment to sourcing and testing paid off. The Nickel Free Jewelry Collection includes incredible dichroic glass earrings with mesmerizing color combinations,  classic hypoallergenic posts, gorgeous necklaces that are perfect for holiday wear, and necklace pendants.

Buying one of these popular products gives you peace of mind knowing you are providing your loved one with a gift that will not cause a nickel rash but will definitely bring on the compliments when worn! Don’t forget to share the news – NoNickel.com is the place to shop for up and coming styles without the nickel allergy rash!

Breaking news: For this holiday season, NoNickel is also offering Free Shipping for all US customers! But hurry, Santa’s sleigh is being packed today.