Originally published on May 2, 2014

If mom trusts Athena Allergy for the family throughout the year, that should be a strong indicator to shop Athena Allergy for the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

The Nickel Allergy Experts at Athena Allergy/NoNickel spend a lot of time speaking with customers about nickel allergy problems.  Often those customers are moms trying to help their children overcome the uncomfortable nickel allergy symptoms that include intensely itchy rashes!  Frequently located in the abdominal area where belt buckles or jean rivets contact the skin, or on the earlobes as a result of wearing earrings, these red rashes drive kids crazy and moms to find solutions!

Athena Allergy is happy to be a resource for moms and anyone who needs assistance in managing nickel allergy.  In order to relieve nickel allergy symptoms, the only “cure” is avoiding nickel!   Athena Allergy  proudly offers the Certified Nickel Free™ and Certified Nickel Safe™  brands designed for customers with nickel allergy. These products are carefully selected (often hand-crafted) then batch-tested to assure that they will never cause nickel allergy reactions.  To that end, these brands come with a mom-approved guarantee – no nickel rash or your money back!

The Athena Allergy website offers great tips on living with nickel allergy, but more importantly they list a huge inventory of nickel free belts, many of which are handcrafted genuine leather belts!  Other products include handcrafted hypoallergenic earrings, nickel free jeans rivets, nickel free buckles, watches, and so much more!

Take a hint from Mom and shop Athena Allergy for Mother’s Day gifts!  Shopping is easy, shipping is fast, and if mom has nickel allergy, the kudos will keep coming!  The dichroic glass earrings have been extremely well received.  Silver Linings Earrings are one staff mom’s favorites!  These earrings are beautifully brilliant on their own, but will also reflect other colors making them great matches for many outfits.  Best of all, this mom says she often goes to bed still wearing the earrings.  Anyone who has had nickel rashes from earrings knows this is quite a testimony to the itch-free quality!  With the variety of styles, lengths, and designs, it should be easy to find the perfect pair of nickel free earrings for mom!

As the temperatures rise, so do incidences of nickel allergy.  Simply stated, perspiration is the conduit for nickel salts to readily contact the skin.  Those who are allergic to nickel will then experience an allergic reaction.  A common summertime malady is wrist rash from nickel.  Athena Allergy has a watch selection that is guaranteed to keep the wrist rash-free!

The belt catalog has many new additions, including several nickel free belts with titanium buckles.  Titanium is a great product for anyone with nickel allergy.  Dermatologists recommend titanium for those with multiple metal allergies due to its extremely low allergenicity.    The popular Silver Square Belt series now comes with titanium buckles!  These nickel free belts have a loyal following that is sure to grow with the addition of the Silver Square Titanium Black Belt and Silver Square Titanium Brown Belt. 

Loyal shoppers of Athena Allergy will be pleased to hear that this company will soon be upgrading their website to offer the same search selections that is currently available on their NoNickel site.  Designed to improve the shopping experience for customers, this upgrade should take place within the next few months.

Athena Allergy is striving to keep mom happy and to assure all customers that there is a trusted source for current information and functional, stylish nickel free products.

Moms Trust the Certified™ Brands at Athena Allergy and NoNickel.com!

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