Whether this relationship is new or if your valentine is someone you’ve known all your life, you may just be realizing that your loved one has nickel allergy! It’s more common than most people realize, with recent statistics indicating that 10 to 20% of the population may be affected.

While this malady may appear to be more common in women, the owners of NoNickel.com indicate the majority of their nickel free belts are sold for men! But no matter the intended recipient, NoNickel.com has the perfect gift!

Buying from this e-commerce store has many advantages. First, each product has a lifetime guarantee to never test positive for nickel. Second, the largest collections of nickel free gifts are found on their website. Third, many of these great gift ideas have been Made in the USA!

Yes, Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, but expedited shipping is available and here is a quick guide to top sellers to get you on your way to a gift that will be long appreciated!

The best Valentine gift for her? Usually jewelry! The nickel free necklaces and pendants are handcrafted in the USA. These dichroic glass beauties are hard to describe; even the pictures don’t display the incredible depths of color and sparkle!

There is a huge collection of hypoallergenic earrings as well.  From petite posts to beautiful dangles, there are colors and shapes to fit every fashion whim.  Thinking of Valentine’s Day, we are voting for the pinks and corals of Sunset Beach Dangle Earrings as our top pick. But the Interstellar Red Dichroic Glass Posts are also an excellent choice!

With so many great guy-gifts in the nickel free belt collection, there are belts for every occasion, taste, and budget! Starting at the top of the line, the pure titanium buckles in the nickel free Titanium Belt Collection are the doctor-recommended answer for those who have allergies to multiple metals. They are also the answer for those who need a super durable belt for heavy duty jobs. The Titanium Work Belt (Distressed Gray) is destined to be a favorite belt. With the vintage look of distressed leather and the attractive center bar titanium buckle, this handcrafted full grain leather belt has a lifetime guarantee. Not only guaranteed to be nickel free for life, this belt is guaranteed to last as long as it is owned! Spectacular gift idea!

Next up, the highly sought after Metal Free Carbon Fiber Belts – loved for their sophisticated and modern looks, these handcrafted belts have so much more to offer. As frequent fliers and those with high security jobs are aware, having a metal free belt is more than a convenience.  A great gift idea would be a carbon fiber belt set, such as the Zero Metal Belt Duo. This set offers one black strap and one brown strap, both with 100% carbon fiber buckles. These buckles are hand stitched to the belt strap to avoid use of any metal.

Looking for something a little different? NoNickel now offers handcrafted leather belts with blue straps. So perfect for wearing with jeans, the Blue Ridge SWP Leather Belt and Bluerock Mountain Distressed Leather Belt are trendy, comfortable, and nickel free!

NoNickel has recently introduced a new line of belts, the Nickel Zero® belts. These belts are guaranteed nickel free, are offered in current styles, and are available at great prices! These new belts are worth a look: The Outback Black Belt and The Pathfinder Brown Belt are two new casual Nickel Zero belts, the Slick City Black Belt is a dressier option.

If your special guy needs a larger sized nickel free belt, you’ll not find a better collection than the NoNickel Big and Tall Nickel Free Belt Collection.  At this writing there were over forty products listed on these pages and included black, brown, distressed brown, distressed gray, and blue leather belts.  There are also options from very casual to dress belts.

If you need a gift in a hurry, NoNickel also offers e-gift cards! We’re thinking NoNickel is your new go-to gift store! Happy Shopping!




Valentine’s Day is Just a Few Days Away: Your Guide to Nickel Free Gifts!