Carbon Fiber Belt Sets: These belt duos make life simple! Each belt is handcrafted in the USA of full grain leather; the 100% carbon fiber buckle is metal free. Zero metal belts are the answer for those with metal allergies, including nickel allergy, but their benefits extend much further. These belts are in demand for those who must go through metal detectors at security checkpoints. Consider: EZ Traveler Belt Set, The Trekker Belt Set.

Titanium Belts: The Signature Series Lifetime Guarantee Belts are an amazing value! Doctors recommend titanium for anyone with an allergy to metal. The super strong 100% titanium buckle is paired with an incredibly durable handcrafted leather strap. These belts are guaranteed not to break or fail in any manner!  Great choices include: Titanium Work Belt in Distressed Gray and the Titanium Wide Pin Brown Belt.

Trendy Belts: Nickel free belts from NoNickel are anything but boring! From handcrafted straps to bottle opener buckles….from top of the line to budget-friendly, there are so many stylish belts! Take a look at these two belts that come with an attitude! Black Mountain Belt – black buckle on black handcrafted leather, and Black Studded Belt – heavy metal with grommets, studs, and a black leather strap.

Dress Belts – not just your dad’s belts anymore!  The NoNickel dress belts can take you more places than the office! The Silver Square Tan Belt and The Specialist Brown Belt are the new go-anywhere, match anything belts. But if you are looking for your dad a belt (or maybe a dressier belt for you), try the Silver Square Black Belt.

Big & Tall Belts – People of all shapes and sizes are susceptible to nickel allergy, but unfortunately the pickin’s are slim when it comes to big and tall nickel free belts.  NoNickel offers an incredible selection of larger sizes in handcrafted leather! The popular Roan Mountain Distressed Brown Leather Belt comes in sizes up to 60” at present. See all the current listings at NoNickel Big and Tall Belts.

Women’s Casual Belts – is it us or are we seeing a lot more tucked shirts for women? So, belts are back girls! Here are a couple that will be comfy day in and day out! The new Caraway Mountain Distressed Brown Leather Belt is casually chic, and Blue Ridge SWP Leather Belt provides the perfect denim match.

Our gifts for women continue…

USA-Made Nickel Free Earrings:  Something new and wildly colorful in the dichroic glass dangles collection point to Window Waterfalls Kaleidoscope Earrings! The Sunburst Earrings in Sea Blue offer a more calming combination of blues and silver. Plus there are bountiful color combinations in between!

Daring Hypoallergenic Dangle Earrings: Mixed metal earrings dangle 2.5 inches for a dramatic effect in Love Squared Earrings. The color combination of copper, brass, and silver make these irresistible for girls of all ages.

Bold Statement Jewelry can be nickel free, too! The Jasmine Necklace and Earrings Sets are amazing gifts that will have the lucky recipient ready for a night on the town, New Year’s Eve is coming and will be the perfect occasion for these striking sets. They come in three colors: Jasmine Set Rainbow Blue; Jasmine Set Rainbow Red, and Jasmine Set Silver.

Perhaps you’re surprised…with, nickel allergy can be a thing of the past while keeping fashion front and center.





The Big Book of NoNickel Gift Ideas