Originally published on June 5, 2014 by Rita Arrup

A surprising number of men are reporting nickel allergy symptoms; we are unsure whether this is related to better education about the condition, or increased exposure to nickel which causes sensitization.  Some occupations involve ongoing nickel contact which may lead to nickel allergy.  Numbers may also be rising due to the growing popularity of piercings among men, as piercings can readily introduce nickel into the body through the piercing gun or the nickel content in body jewelry.

We get to hear a lot of stories from men who are trying to cope with those uncomfortable nickel allergy symptoms – abdominal rash and itching, swollen skin, red blisters and more!  From tucking in shirts to try to avoid belt buckle contact, to using duct tape over jean rivets, they are learning that these solutions just aren’t working.  The reason is particularly evident in summer as perspiration will allow the nickel salts to readily contact the skin, through all kinds of material.  Some men are so sensitive that even on the coldest of days, their skin will react to nickel contact.

Men are accustomed to either delaying treatment or trying to resolve health issues on their own, but this one problem that can be so easily remedied!  If you have a dad or family member who has been suffering in silence with the dreaded itchy belly syndrome, it’s time to buy him a nickel free belt and see what a difference it makes in his life.

Our belt craftsman has been hard at work this year, creating lots of new belts in a variety of leathers.  Many of these belts have titanium buckles, so if dad has multiple metal allergies, titanium will most likely be the perfect answer for no more rashy abdomen.

Our ever-popular Silver Square Belts have just increased in number with the addition of the Silver Square Titanium Belt Set!  This set would make an amazing gift for any dad, but will be long appreciated and often worn by that dad with nickel allergy!  The belt straps are handcrafted of genuine full grain leather for timeless appeal and comfort!  The titanium buckle is the answer for almost anyone with any type of metal allergy as allergy to titanium is extremely rare.  In addition, this belt set now comes with a lifetime guarantee!  While we can’t guarantee that dad will always be the same size, we can guarantee that this belt set will last for as long as he wears it!  We will replace the belt if there are ever any defects or breakage, making this belt set a practical choice!  With one black leather strap and one brown leather strap, both belts in classic styles, this set may end the search for additional nickel free belts for dad!  You will win the brownie points this year!

For the golfer dad, make sure his outings are in nickel free style with the Silver Square White Belt!  For the artistic dad who likes to mix things up a bit, how about the Swashbuckler Belt with the skull and crossbones design?  If your father is the suave sophisticate, his nickel free selection might be the Genuine Leather Titanium/Carbon Fiber Belt!    Athena Allergy/NoNickel has so many new designs along with the perennial favorites, there are sure to be one or more hypoallergenic belts that will make dad’s day!

Father’s Day is June 15th, so if you need your belt quickly, NoNickel now offers expedited shipping!

Are More Men Becoming Nickel Allergic or Do They Just Love Our Belts?

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