Originally published on June 6, 2013 by Rita Arrup

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to get serious about managing those irritating nickel allergy symptoms.  When temperatures rise, so do the incidences and severity of rashes related to nickel allergy.   No one wants to spend their summer vacation sporting an itchy, red belly button rash!  It is surprising to learn how many men, women, and children suffer from abdominal rashes due to the nickel found on their belt buckles.  Add summer heat and long days of wear into this equation and uncomfortable allergic reactions result.

Nickel allergy symptoms generally appear as moderately to severely itching red rashes at the site of contact with nickel.  Other indications of nickel allergy may include dry and scaly patches of skin, blisters, and swelling.  Continued exposure to nickel may cause skin to change color and become leathery or cracked.  Skin infections sometimes occur as a result of the nickel allergy symptoms. The carefree days of summer are not a time to be weighed down with troublesome and unsightly skin irritations which escalate in warmer months as perspiration readily transfers the nickel salts from metal to the skin.

NoNickel has solutions for anyone suffering with nickel allergy.  The first step is to identify the source of the nickel allergy, which may not be as easy as it sounds.  As nickel allergy is classified as Type IV allergic contact dermatitis, there could be a delayed reaction between the time the offending metal was worn and the resulting rash.  An itchy belly rash today could be the result of a belt buckle worn up to three days ago.

Rather than using one’s skin as the nickel allergy indicator, it is more accurate and certainly more comfortable to use a nickel test kit!  A dimethylglyoxime (dmg) test is the industry standard for detecting nickel.  NoNickel’s parent company, Athena Allergy, introduced the first commercially available nickel test kit in 2003.  Nickel Alert™ was also the first pre-mixed and pre-measured dmg spot test available in America.  Unlike the two-step test that may fail with user error, Nickel Alert is accurate and reliable in detecting even minute concentrations of nickel.

Once a positive test is obtained, steps may be taken to either replace the offending metal with one that is truly nickel free or to provide a barrier protection between that metal and the skin.  Nickel Guard™ is a lacquer formulated specifically for the needs of those with sensitive skin.  Its purpose is to provide a barrier so nickel does not contact the skin. Nickel Alert and Nickel Guard are available separately or in Nickel Solution™ a detection and protection kit considered indispensable for anyone with nickel allergy.

NoNickel also provides Certified Nickel Free™ and Certified Nickel Safe™ products for those who suffer from nickel allergy.  Both certifications come with the promise that the product will never be the source of nickel allergy reactions.

NoNickel’s most popular sellers are their nickel free belts.  After suffering with abdominal rashes, customers are thrilled to learn these belts can be worn for long days with no concern about a nickel reaction developing.  From the Titanium Work Belt designed for hard-driving, physically active professionals to the more sophisticated Black Leather Dress Belt with a Titanium Buckle, every product line offered by NoNickel has been tested to assure there is no nickel in any metal part.  In this way, NoNickel can offer the guarantee that their products will never cause nickel allergy symptoms.  The belts noted in this paragraph may be seen in the pictures above, and more information about these and other titanium products are located on the Nickel Free Titanium Belts, Buckles, and Rings page at NoNickel. Titanium is considered a very safe as well as enduring metal for anyone with nickel allergy.

Over the next several weeks, NoNickel will be introducing several new nickel free belts. Available now is the Silver Square White Belt, pictured on this page and featuring a genuine leather strap that was handcrafted in the USA then paired with a Certified Nickel Free silver-toned buckle for a great new summer look!  Rolling out soon will be a nickel free belt with a handcrafted full grain leather strap that is so soft and supple it immediately has a comfortable lived-in feel.  More designs and new products are being introduced regularly, so shoppers are advised to visit often to see the latest and get the best deals.

Other favored nickel free products offered by NoNickel include their nickel free jewelry and nickel free watches, and even nickel free buttons and rivets that can be used to replace those on jeans and casual pants.

Anyone hoping for a carefree and nickel free summer should visit NoNickel.com to see a full line of their nickel free (and guaranteed nickel rash free) products.

The Official Start of Nickel Allergy Season Has Arrived!

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