Originally published on July 1, 2013 by Rita Arrup

The heat of summer creates even more problems with nickel allergy rashes and other uncomfortable symptoms.  Take the plunge into nickel allergy freedom with Certified Nickel Free™ products!  You can celebrate the red, white, and blue by leaving those red itchy rashes in the past!  NoNickel, along with parent company Athena Allergy, can help you achieve lifelong victory over nickel allergy!

Now is a great time to show your patriotism by buying “Made in the USA”!  Our latest belts and earrings have been handcrafted in the southeastern United States.  Examples of our new made in the USA nickel free belts include the wildly popular Smoky Mountain Black Belt and the Roan Mountain Brown belt.  These super soft and supple belt straps are paired with nickel free buckles for your summer comfort!

Other handcrafted nickel free belts include the Mt. Pisgah Casual Brown belt and the Silver Square White belt.  Like all our belts, these two are guaranteed to be nickel free so you will be nickel allergy symptom-free!  At present, we are offering sixteen handcrafted belts with plans for more in the next few weeks.

We are expanding the types of leather we use for belts straps to include top grain leather, bridle leather, and full grain leather.  When you add in the quality nickel free buckles, these belts offer long-lasting wear, comfortable fit, and great looks.

If itchy ear lobes are the summer problem this year, try one of our many Certified Nickel Safe™ surgical steel earrings.  Over fifty different styles have been designed and created by a nickel allergic artist so everyone can locate unique jewelry that comes with the promise to never cause nickel allergy symptoms.

The cornerstone products of Athena Allergy's success are also produced in the United States.   Nickel Solution™, Nickel Alert™, and Nickel Guard™ are formulated and packaged in this country.  In addition to being the foundation of this organization, they are also the building blocks for a successful fight against nickel allergy.  Nickel Solution is a kit containing one each of Nickel Alert, a nickel detection test, and Nickel Guard, a brush-on barrier protection against nickel contact.

Celebrate this Independence Day with appreciation for all the freedoms we enjoy in this country.  Remember, this July 4th is also a great day to begin independence from nickel allergy symptoms.  Visit Athena Allergy and NoNickel.com for more education on nickel allergy avoidance and for lots of great nickel free products!

Celebrate July 4th By Declaring Your Freedom From Nickel Allergy

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