Originally published on April 15, 2013 by Rita Arrup

When our Nickel Free Titanium Work Belt in Black was introduced a little over a year ago, we kept hearing so many positive comments! Our customers praised the genuine leather belt strap, the durable and lightweight titanium buckle, the great overall look, the long-lasting wear, the fact that there was never a nickel allergy rash – or even a concern about one- as this belt is Certified Nickel Free™. Yet, it seemed there was something missing. Our customers wanted a brown belt that would be just as rugged and enduring as the Nickel Free Titanium Work Belt in Black.

We heard you and now here it is – the Nickel Free Titanium Work Belt in Brown! For the men whose physically active jobs require a super sturdy belt in brown, the time to order is NOW!   Not only have we met the expectations of our customers who need a brown work belt, but we are also offering it at a fifteen percent discount for a limited time!

For those readers who haven’t experienced the Ti Work Belt, as we affectionately call it, here is a quick rundown of its attributes. A handcrafted genuine leather belt strap made of 1/8″ thick leather, this time in espresso brown, is paired with a virtually indestructible nickel free titanium belt buckle to make a sturdy, hard-wearing belt! Titanium is considered a “safe metal” and as such is recommended by dermatologists and allergists for anyone with nickel allergy or other metal allergies. Surprisingly lightweight, this aerospace grade titanium is considered the workhorse of titanium alloys. Resistant to rust and corrosion, the high polish of this center bar buckle provides an attractive focus for a clean and unadorned belt strap.

Men who are hard on belts find that frequent shopping for belt replacements takes time as well as money! Complications arise when those replacement belts have to be nickel free! Arduous hours of shopping or poring over websites are over when you try our Nickel Smart Nickel Free Titanium Work Belt in Brown (or black). Big and Tall Sizes are available!

Visit NoNickel.com today for all your nickel allergy needs. Our goal is to help you live a comfortable and nickel free life!

You Asked For It! Introducing the Nickel Free Titanium Work Belt in Brown!

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