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Is it possible to avoid foods high in nickel at Thanksgiving, or even on a daily basis? The answer may be that you don’t really need to worry!

Nickel truly is ubiquitous, so it is found in foods we consume each day. However, allergists agree that only a select few people stand to benefit from a low nickel diet. There appears to be a relationship between the ingestion of foods high in nickel and problems such as hives and eczema in this small population of individuals.

For this group, there is good and bad news for holiday dining! The best news is that one day of indulging isn’t likely to sidetrack any type of diet! So, go ahead and enjoy your holiday meals with loved ones. If your allergist is recommending a strict diet, you already know that meat and poultry are not considered a source of nickel in the diet, so you can treat yourself to the main course with no worries!

Typically, the following items are recommended for avoidance or moderation on the Low Nickel Diet: cocoa, chocolate, oatmeal, nuts, fresh and dried legumes, beer, red wine, onions, tomatoes, raw carrots, and most all canned foods. Canned foods may leach nickel from the can itself and should be avoided. The avoidance of tea and coffee may be recommended for a low nickel diet, but some studies suggest that one or two cups of these beverages on a daily basis should not cause a problem.

If an individual has allergic contact dermatitis to nickel with symptoms such as a red, itchy rash at the site of the metal contact, there may be no reason to avoid nickel in the diet. Often there is not a correlation between allergic contact dermatitis and systemic nickel allergy resulting from nickel ingestion. If there is concern about nickel in the diet exacerbating one’s nickel allergy, a visit to the allergist is recommended.

Athena Allergy, Inc. is a company you can trust to get the products you need to live a life without nickel allergy symptoms. Established over eleven years ago, Athena Allergy owners introduced the first pre-mixed and pre-measured nickel test kit to allow easy and accurate nickel detection at home. Nickel Alert™, the dimethylglyoxime spot test for nickel, and Nickel Guard™ are the building blocks to a nickel free life. Test for nickel in metals with Nickel Alert, then protect the skin with the clinically proven nickel barrier, Nickel Guard™. For convenience, these products are sold together as Nickel Solution™, although they are also available for individual purchase.

Earlier this fall, Athena Allergy introduced a new website with customer information and navigation as their focus. A visit to this site provides answers to questions about nickel allergy symptoms and prevention. The “cure” for nickel allergy is to avoid nickel, so the products offered by Athena Allergy are tested in their laboratory to assure there is no nickel present to cause a reaction.

Incidences of nickel allergy symptoms from belt buckles seem to be increasing exponentially. In response, Athena Allergy offers an array of nickel free belt buckles with a focus on titanium buckles. Titanium is recommended by allergists for most any type of metal allergy. There is also a large selection of zinc belt buckles which are guaranteed safe for anyone who suffers from nickel allergy.

With the addition of a regional leather craftsman to the Athena Allergy family, there are many new styles of genuine leather nickel free belts that have been handmade in the USA. Most recent additions to the belt line include the Pilot Mountain Nickel Free Brown Belt. Made of genuine Latigo leather, which is most often used for bridles and other equestrian gear, this belt is made to last! By customer request, Athena Allergy has listed a handcrafted, nickel free gun belt. Made of heavy duty bridle leather and paired with a titanium buckle, AJ’s Gun Belt is guaranteed for a lifetime!

The jewelry artist who crafts hypoallergenic earrings, bracelets, and necklaces for Athena Allergy has many new creations as well. With an eye on the coming holidays, the Hypoallergenic Seasonal Earrings offer autumn, winter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas designs.

A visit to the newly re-designed Athena Allergy site will offer something for every nickel allergic individual, and in reality, has something for everyone.

Thanksgiving and the Low Nickel Diet

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