Originally published on October 9, 2014 by Rita Arrup

NoNickel.com, owned by Athena Allergy, Inc. is proud to support breast cancer research and programs by donating a portion of sales of their Pretty in Pink Belt to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The story on how this came into play starts with an employee of NoNickel.com who spent her Saturday at the Race for the Cure.  Her involvement in the race heightened her awareness for the need to help women through the process of being diagnosed and treated for breast cancer.  In addition to posting a finish time that placed her fifth in her age group, she went on to dedicate the remainder of the day to volunteering at the event.

When asked about her feelings during the race, she commented “It was awesome! With the involvement of over 20,000 people in the event, it was so inspiring to see the sea of pink against our Carolina Blue skies!”  She went on to say she was able to witness many survivors who crossed the finish line, further cementing her decision to be involved in this cause.
Even before the race, she was thinking of ways to benefit this charity.  Seeing NoNickel’s Pretty in Pink Belt, she knew it was destined to play a part in raising money for breast cancer programs.  At her suggestion, NoNickel was happy to step up and agree to donate a percentage of the sales of this belt during the month of October.
The purchase of this nickel free belt allows customers to contribute to the work of this charity along with enabling them to wear PINK, the color of support! As most people have seen friends and family battle breast cancer, everyone seems more than ready to do their part for this suffering to come to an end.  Wearing pink shows support, and buying the Pretty in Pink belt will send dollars to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

For those who are looking to add even more pink to their wardrobe, NoNickel has a variety of hypoallergenic, handmade pink earrings!  The newly designed hypoallergenic  Princess in Waiting Earrings feature Swarovski Pink Aurora Borealis Cubes enhanced with rhinestone rondelles. Like all the earrings from NoNickel and Athena Allergy, these earrings come with the guarantee to never cause a nickel allergy rash!
Other pink jewelry includes Pastel Pearls Bracelets, with the hypoallergenic, handcrafted pink bracelet being the perfect show of support! The stretchy band offers comfort with no clasps, at an amazingly affordable price!
NoNickel owners note they are proud to be associated with friends and co-workers who so willingly give of themselves to benefit others in need.  They are hopeful their customers will rally around the cause as everyone works together to contribute in some way for the cure to breast cancer!
Pretty in Pink Belt Sales Support The Race for the Cure

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