Originally published on December 4, 2014 by Rita Arrup

Need a little help delivering the perfect nickel free gift to a friend or family member?  If you’ve been burned by the labels “hypoallergenic” and “nickel free” in the past, this information can help!

At Athena Allergy, Inc., we have long been a trusted source of products that we test and then guarantee, thus earning them the Certified Nickel Free™ and Certified Nickel Safe™ seals.  Our Certified Nickel Free products are guaranteed to be completely free of nickel.  This contrasts to  some products that are labeled nickel free but may actually contain enough nickel to cause a severe reaction.  As there are no standards for nickel content being regulated by the United States government , some manufacturers simply label their products as nickel free.  More commonly, they may use a nickel free coating but once this top layer wears, even slightly, the nickel alloyed base metal will contact the skin and cause a reaction in those who are allergic.  By testing our product lines, we can guarantee the presence of no nickel in our Certified Nickel Free wares.  Certified Nickel Safe products are typically crafted with surgical grade stainless steel.  The metal in our Certified Nickel Safe products may contain trace amounts of nickel but it is so tightly bound that we guarantee it will never release to cause nickel allergy symptoms.

With this new found knowledge, you can appreciate why the so-called ‘nickel free’ jewelry and belts you’ve purchased so carefully for your loved ones are now no longer worn.  Athena Allergy wants you to be able to shop with confidence!

Our eleven year old company recently introduced a new website that allows ease of shopping and many new styles and designs of quality nickel free products!  We understand your time is limited during this busy season, so we’re going to make a few gift suggestions that we think are sure to please!

Our new nickel free carbon fiber belts are developing a strong following!  If you’re looking to give a unique gift to your nickel allergic guy, check out the CF 2.0 and The Specialist belts.  Both black genuine leather straps are handcrafted in the USA and paired with tech-savvy carbon fiber buckles.  A great look that comes with a lifetime guarantee, these belts are designed to never fail in any manner – no defects, no breakage, and no nickel!

For a more traditional look, dermatologists recommend titanium for those with nickel or other metal allergies.  Giving the Mt. Pisgah Casual Titanium Belt in Russet lets you deliver a truly unique gift!  Each handmade belt strap will have slightly different texture and natural markings so no two belts will be exactly alike, making this belt a one-of-a-kind gift for that very special someone!  The Mt. Pisgah Titanium belt line also comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Our earring selection encompasses every style and taste- from traditional Certified Nickel Free sterling silver posts to glamorous Certified Nickel Safe dangles!  With so many choices, it is difficult to make that final decision.  Here are a couple of our favorites – the Starfish Sterling Posts have incredible detail and are a sunny way to dispel those winter doldrums!  The Progressive Pearl Earrings have matching Glass Pearl Necklaces making a wonderful hypoallergenic gift set!

Perhaps a wedding is in the planning stage this holiday season.  The titanium wedding bands at Athena Allergy are now offered at an amazing price.  Having a wedding ring rash is not the way to begin a life of wedded bliss.

We know that online shopping can be a big part of the holiday fun, so visit AthenaAllergy.com today for top quality, nickel free products!  Your gifts will never get shoved to the back of the closet again as your loved one will enjoy living nickel rash free!

Understanding Nickel Allergy Leads the Way to Thoughtful Gifts

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