Originally published on April 9, 2013 by Rita Arrup

Prom time is here! Our local high school girls are shopping for the perfect dress and accessories while the guys are trying to come up with a great look for this fun evening. Don’t let nickel allergy be a prom problem for you – be prepared to prevent any chance of nickel allergy rash with Nickel Solution™ and Certified Nickel Free™ products from NoNickel!

Prom night is a night of glittering glamour! As you shop for dazzling earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, don’t forget to “Detect” nickel in any jewelry with Nickel Alert™ and then protect yourself with a highly effective barrier against nickel, Nickel Guard™. Nickel Alert can safely, quickly, and easily test for nickel in jewelry or any metallic product. Simply use a cotton swab (included with all orders of Nickel Solution), place several drops of Nickel Alert on the swab and rub firmly on the metallic item. A pink swab means nickel has been detected. Nickel Alert is formulated to detect even minute concentrations of nickel so those people who are the most sensitive to nickel can feel secure with the test results.

If nickel is found in a piece of amazing jewelry that simply has to be worn to prom, that jewelry can be lacquered with Nickel Guard to provide a proven barrier between the nickel in the jewelry and your skin. Nickel Alert and Nickel Guard are each sold separately or together in the invaluable Nickel Solution kit.

Don’t forget that with a night of dancing, perspiration can cause nickel to contact your skin even more rapidly. Don’t let a magical evening become a miserable night of nickel allergy itching and scratching.

If you haven’t already found the perfect pair of earrings, NoNickel has dozens of unique, handmade nickel free earrings. These earrings have been tested and are guaranteed not to cause a nickel allergy rash. Take a look at the Swarovski crystal collection for dazzling shimmer. The silver-toned Enchanted Nickel Free Earrings are also a popular prom pair! If a gold accent is what you’re looking for, check out the alluring Egyptian Princess Hypoallergenic Earrings! There are also earrings with stones of every color, sure to provide a great match for your fantastic dress!

Planning a gorgeous up-do? Be aware - your scalp is not immune to nickel allergy rashes. Make sure to test those stunning combs or hair accessories for nickel and use Nickel Guard as needed. You may have heard that clear nail polish will offer the same protection. Unfortunately, there are additives to nail polish that may cause secondary dermatitis (another rash!) for those with sensitive skin. Your prom should be a night to remember for happy reasons, not because you spent the evening scratching those itchy rashes from nickel!

A special note for the guys going to prom - if your prom look includes a belt or jewelry, you may also be in for a night of uncomfortable rashes. Many men are reporting nickel allergies, with most of them noticing problems where belt buckles contact their skin. Nickel Solution is a good start if you have nickel allergy. Even better, NoNickel offers a huge selection of nickel free belts to suit any taste and fashion need.

Prom is truly a magical evening to remember, so make sure yours is nickel free!

Nickel Allergy? Be Prepared for Prom with Nickel Solution!

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