It is not just you! As temperatures rise, so do the incidences of nickel reaction. The scientific reason behind this occurrence is fairly easy to understand. Perspiration acts as a conduit to readily transfer nickel ions to the skin. For those people whose immune system identifies nickel as a harmful substance, an allergic reaction will occur.

The most common symptom of nickel allergy is an extremely itchy red rash, which can sometimes appear quickly,  or may take up to two days following contact.  The symptoms in more severe cases include pus-filled blisters or patches of dark, dry skin that appear to be burned. The discomfort is real and the summer heat does not help.

Typical seasonal offenders include a belt buckle (that may not now be protected by a carefully tucked in heavy-duty shirt), many jewelry items, and even metal sunglasses. While nickel allergy is considered to be a lifelong affliction, there are simple ways to avoid nickel and the related rashes. Avoidance is critical, so here are a few easy-to-follow recommendations.

If belt buckles are the source of greatest concern, look for one that is Certified Nickel Free™.  While there may be many sources of “nickel free” or “hypoallergenic” belts, trust those that have been pre-tested to assure there is no nickel to ever cause an allergic reaction. Certified Nickel Free Belts can be found at and Popular summer styles include the new gray distressed nickel free belts and the metal free carbon fiber belts.

Certified Nickel Free and Certified Nickel Safe™ jewelry can also be found at these sites. Both certifications provide a guarantee to the customer that the products will never test positive for nickel.  Certified Nickel Safe products are typically made of stainless steel which contains nickel, but it has been so tightly bound that no nickel ions will leach out to cause an allergic reaction.

Most of the hypoallergenic jewelry found on these sites is handcrafted. The nickel free dichroic glass earrings, pendants, and necklaces are guaranteed to make a summer style statement. The amazing color provides instant glamour with none of the worries of nickel allergy itch.

For those metal sunglasses that created a very itchy red spot between your eyes? Try Nickel Guard™ ! This lacquer was formulated for sensitive skin and is clinically proven to provide effective barrier protection between nickel and your skin. Simply brush the clear lacquer onto the sunglasses (or other metal items) in the places where the metal contacts the skin, allow to dry, then repeat. Soon those favorite sunglasses will be safe to wear. It is always a good idea to test metallic items before wearing to determine if there is free nickel that will likely cause a reaction.  Using the dmg spot test, Nickel Alert™ will provide fast and accurate results. Again, this is a simple way to assure your skin does not have to be the guinea pig that identifies the nickel in an item. Follow the simple instructions and within seconds, you’ll have an answer. These two essential tools can be purchased separately or together as Nickel Solution™.



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