Surprisingly, many who suffer from metal allergies are unaware that the metallic belt buckle is causing that uncomfortable and even debilitating abdominal rash. Allergy to nickel is the most common metal allergy and appears to be affecting growing numbers of men. Others are experiencing allergic reactions to cobalt, copper, chromium, zinc, stainless steel and more.

The first symptom of a metal allergy is typically an extremely itchy red rash at the site of metal contact. To complicate matters, the allergic reaction may not appear until a day or even two days after contact. The best way to pinpoint those metals that are causing problems is a visit to an allergist or dermatologist, choosing one who is knowledgeable in metal allergy.

If nickel has been identified as the offending metal, an easy way to determine if your belt buckle contains nickel is to use Nickel Alert™, available through or

An excellent new source of titanium belts has been recently introduced, As dermatologists and allergists recommend titanium for those with metal allergy, this site is a resource for the best non-allergenic belts available. The high quality titanium buckles are sewn to the handcrafted straps in the great majority of these belts. Hand stitching assures that there will be no metal except titanium to contact the skin.

Titanium has myriad benefits in addition to its low allergenicity. Titanium is very lightweight but has incredible strength and durability. Titanium is so durable that the majority of belts offered on comes with a lifetime guarantee to not break or fail in any manner.

The Handcrafted in the USA belt selection includes most belts in the  Dress Titanium Belts Collection, all of the Casual Titanium Belts and the ultra-durable Titanium Work Belts. For a few examples of the exacting craftsmanship evident on these belts, take a look at these super sellers. The Silver Square Titanium Black Belt is also available in brown full grain leather and the titanium buckle is classic and compact. The Titanium Wide Pin Distressed Leather Belt offers comfort from the supple belt strap, trendy style, and no metal allergy rash! The handsome wide pin titanium buckle on this belt is the perfect complement. Every titanium work belt is built for the toughest of jobs, including the Black Titanium Work Belt whose heavy duty workhorse of a buckle is the perfect centerpiece on the black top grain leather strap. Each of these leather straps is made of one solid piece of leather, ensuring longevity.

These are only a few of the styles, leather types, and buckle designs now available at With the lifetime guarantee on the majority of belts, this site is worth a visit!

Nickel Allergy? Multiple Metal Allergies? Titanium Belts Will Resolve the Itch!