Originally published on March 29, 2013 by Rita Arrup

Titanium buckles are hugely popular now and for good reason. Titanium is becoming well known and valued for its characteristic durability, strength, lightweight feel, and attractive appearance. If you add into this amazing list of attributes the fact that titanium is considered a safe metal for anyone with nickel or other metal allergies, you have a near-perfect buckle.

Due to increased demand, NoNickel.com has added new titanium buckles to their collection of nickel free buckles. For a quick look, NoNickel invites you to view this exclusive product line on their website, Titanium Buckles. Long considered an elite metal, the aerospace grade titanium used to fashion these buckles is a great choice for anyone who wants a long-lasting belt buckle, but especially for those who have metal allergies. Dermatologists and allergists recommend titanium to their patients who suffer from nickel or other metal allergy.

The newest addition to the NoNickel line of titanium buckles is the Nickel Smart™ Casual Titanium Buckle. This nickel free buckle has a hefty look but the lightweight feel for which titanium is known.   Great for casual wear, this buckle fits a one and one-half inch strap, and would complement any color belt for an instantly upgraded look.

Another popular nickel free titanium buckle is the Nickel Smart Titanium Work Buckle. This highly polished, center bar buckle is a workhorse! NoNickel’s titanium buckles will not rust, tarnish or corrode, but most importantly, they will not cause an abdominal rash from nickel!

While there are a lot of excellent reasons to choose titanium products, the rationale is obvious for those with nickel allergy. No more itchy abdominal rashes to take away from your style! Trust NoNickel for all your titanium and nickel allergy needs!

Titanium Belt Buckles – So Many Reasons to Choose Titanium!

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