Originally published on March 28, 2013 by Rita Arrup

In response to phenomenal feedback, NoNickel.com is expanding their titanium belt line to provide more variety for men who have nickel allergy or another allergy to metal. Considered a safe metal by dermatologists and allergists, titanium is also preferred for its many other attributes. The aerospace grade titanium used to make these buckles is considered the workhorse of the titanium industry: strong and durable, these buckles are truly made to last.

To view the all the belts outfitted with nickel free titanium buckles, NoNickel invites you to take a look at their site showcasing their Titanium Belts. Most of these belts begin with genuine leather straps that have been handcrafted in the USA. With this great beginning to a sturdy belt, add the indestructible titanium buckle and the result is one long-lasting belt!

In addition to the fact that these belts are nickel free, their popularity is also a result of their looks! Titanium has a distinguishable appearance that sets it apart from other metals. Though the finishes may vary, it has a classic enduring gleam that complements many belt straps. NoNickel also offers a belt enhanced with the high-tech combination of carbon fiber and titanium for the buckle.

Titanium is the right choice for any discriminating buyer. From the Nickel Smart Nickel Free Titanium Work Belt, a genuine leather belt fashioned with the hard-working, hard-playing overachiever in mind to the classic and sophisticated Nickel Smart Black Leather Dress Ti , there is a belt for any need and any taste.

Titanium is hot – join the ranks of those who have discovered its many advantages. With dermatologists and allergists extolling the benefits of titanium for their metal allergic patients, the choice should be easy. Itchy, uncomfortable abdominal rashes can be a thing of the past with a visit to NoNickel’s Nickel Free Titanium Collection.


Titanium Belts – the ultimate choice in belt buckle material is a great choice for anyone and ideal for those with nickel allergy

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