As the season of holiday feasting begins, nickel allergy sufferers are wondering about the possible effects of diet on their health. The short answer is that only your allergist or dermatologist can accurately advise you on the benefits of a low nickel diet.

While the great majority of people are not affected by nickel in food, it appears that for a very small population of nickel allergy sufferers, a low nickel diet can help. Research is indicating that there is a relationship between the consumption of high nickel foods and eczema/dermatitis symptoms in a small number of patients tested. All experts emphatically agree that allergy sufferers should consult with a dermatologist or allergist for a medical diagnosis before attempting a low nickel diet.

If you’re wondering how this might affect your holiday plans, be assured that the staple items of turkey, ham, and roast beef are on the low nickel list! Cranberries, another holiday favorite, are also a low nickel item. Consulting the NoNickel Low Nickel Diet will provide insight into the complexities of trying to undertake this diet. So many of the items depend almost entirely on where they originate or how they have been prepared and stored. If the soil is high in nickel, the more likely the crop will be as well. Canned foods may also be exposed to nickel in the metal, so therein lies another concern.

Before becoming too worried over holiday dining, first make an appointment with an allergist or dermatologist who specializes in nickel allergy. Then celebrate, because only one day of splurging on “forbidden foods” is unlikely to cause any problem. It is the continued ingesting of these products that may rarely elicit symptoms.

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While a Low Nickel Diet isn’t necessary for most people, it is important to remember that nickel avoidance is imperative. New studies are revealing that continued contact with an allergen such as nickel may lead to further complications, including the possibility of systemic contact dermatitis.  Be vigilant in testing metals for nickel, with the highly accurate and sensitive dmg spot test Nickel Alert™ . Then protect your skin with Nickel Guard™, a clinically proven barrier. Who knows, the nickel allergy sufferer in your life might like to see these essential products in their stocking this year, so buy the two together as Nickel Solution!

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The Low-Nickel Diet: Are there benefits?