The month of September holds a lot of history for nickel allergy company, Athena Allergy, Inc. Ten years ago on September 12th, this organization relocated the business to its current location, anticipating that this move would accommodate their steady sales.  Then exactly three years later, the acquisition of spurred business decisions that ignited their growth.

With the purchase of NoNickel, the sourcing of  USA-handcrafted nickel free belts really got the attention of the nickel allergic population. Long regulated to boring, staid styles, these customers were excited to find there were alternative choices for fashion belt accessories and that these nickel free belts could be trusted to never cause a nickel allergy rash. Owners Michael and Lea Dow have been at the forefront of securing top quality USA-made nickel free products.

The company’s commitment to quality, the unconditional lifetime nickel free guarantee, and  friendly, knowledgeable customer service have further stimulated their business success. Clients looking for answers to their nickel allergy concerns have found a friend at Athena Allergy, Inc. On both websites and there are Nickel Allergy 101 informational pages that walk newly diagnosed nickel allergy patients through symptoms and avoidance procedures. For those who have learned how to manage their nickel allergy, there are hundreds of products guaranteed to never cause a nickel allergy rash.

While the month of September has been a pivotal month in past years, Athena Allergy owners are announcing that November holds another milestone, as this company has quickly outgrown their current facility and will be relocating in mid-November. While the holiday season timing may be less than ideal, this move will allow even more advantages for their customers. The larger warehouse has the owners dreaming of greater diversity in their product lines. Coming soon will be additions to the nickel free bottle opener belt collection, which has proven to be a skin saver, a conversation starter, and an emergency tool all in one!

Additions to the women’s nickel free belt collection are also in the planning stages while teens with nickel allergy can be assured the new warehouse has plenty of room for the ever-popular nickel free Black Studded Belt.

Nickel free earrings are an important part of this growing business. For the past year, USA-made nickel free dichroic glass earrings have been a top seller with customers looking for uniquely beautiful hypoallergenic earrings. The nickel free glass bead dangles, such as Sunset Beach Nickel Free Earrings are also extremely popular. All these dangle earrings are made in Athena Allergy’s home state, and sport names to reflect the serenity of the area.

It has been rewarding for the Dows to hear from customers who are appreciative of these stylish nickel free accessories, and it is for these customers that the new location has been designed. Anyone with nickel allergy, or even anyone who loves beautiful handmade products will enjoy a visit to these websites which will continue to grow in the coming months, as this business transitions to its larger location.

Athena Allergy Celebrates Milestones