Originally published on June 17, 2014 by Rita Arrup

It’s no coincidence that just as you’re ready to enjoy all the fun that summer has to offer, your nickel allergy rashes start to sideline your activities.   As the temperatures rise, so do incidences of nickel allergy rash.  The reason is simple – perspiration allows the nickel salts found in many metals to more easily transfer to the skin.

The relentless itch of nickel allergy rash puts the fizzle in summer sizzle and we don’t have to tell you that red abdominal rashes during swimsuit season are a fashion flub!  Nickel allergy symptoms generally present as a rash on the skin at the place of nickel contact.  These rashes may be moderately to severely itchy and may worsen to include blisters, or patches of dry skin that may resemble a burn as well as have a burning sensation.

There are several ways to avoid the summer itch of nickel allergy year round.  The best way to assure that there will be no nickel rash is to purchase items that have been tested and are guaranteed to be nickel free.  NoNickel and parent company Athena Allergy offer a wide assortment of Certified Nickel Free™ products that are guaranteed to be free of nickel for the life of the product. Our companies are proud to offer many handcrafted nickel free belts and hypoallergenic earrings made in the USA.   In addition, there are titanium products that come with a lifetime guarantee against defects, breakage, and nickel content.  Titanium belts, buckles, and rings are the best choice for anyone with multiple metal allergies as titanium has extremely low allergenicity and incidences of allergy to titanium are extremely rare.

Great summer belt choices include our fun and fanciful genuine leather belts, the nickel free Wildflower and Woodlands Genuine Leather Belts.  These handcrafted belts have a tan background with colorful images added for a whimsical touch and are now on sale at great prices.

The White Silver Square Belt is a popular genuine leather nickel free golf belt, but is also great for any warmer weather wear!  Nickel allergy rashes should never hamper your swing!  The new Silver Square Titanium Belt Set features smaller, very lightweight titanium buckles adorning handcrafted full grain leather straps – their lighter feel is perfect for hot summer days..  These two items are also featured in the summer sale – so the timing is right for a new, nickel free look!

Nickel allergy symptoms are definitely not confined to the abdomen.  Most women with nickel allergy have suffered with itchy earlobes due to the nickel content in cute summer earrings.  The good news is you don’t have to give up trendy earrings just because you have nickel allergy!  Athena Allergy and NoNickel have dozens of handcrafted dangle earrings along with sterling silver hoops and posts.  All these earrings are guaranteed to never cause a nickel allergy reaction.  Half the fun is in making the selection, there are so many from which to choose!  Take a look at the Seasonal Hypoallergenic Earrings for a small sampling of what’s hot for summer!

Another excellent way to avoid nickel is to test metal items, then when practical use a barrier protectant.  Nickel Solution™ is THE solution for summer nickel rashes!  This kit contains Nickel Alert™, a dmg spot test that accurately, safely, and quickly tests any metal for nickel.  Nickel Guard™ is also contained in the Nickel Solution kit and is a lacquer that provides proven protection from nickel in metal.  Nickel Guard can be safely brushed onto non-movable metal items for lasting protection.

The best plan of defense is to act before the symptoms begin.  Once a nickel rash has erupted, it can take days or weeks to heal even after the offending metal has been removed.  Don’t let the itch of nickel allergy ruin your summer plans when you can opt for trendsetting nickel free fashion from The Nickel Allergy Experts.

The Heat Is On & So Are Your Nickel Allergy Symptoms

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