Looking to find nickel free products you can trust from a company who cares? It’s time to take a look at Athena Allergy, Inc. and NoNickel.com.

Not only do these companies offer the world’s largest selection of Certified Nickel Free™ belts, they are lauded for excellent customer care. Their knowledge and years of experience allow them to claim the title of The Nickel Allergy Experts.

When Athena Allergy, Inc., parent company of NoNickel.com was founded, the owners determined to distinguish themselves by offering quality products that they personally tested to assure they were nickel free and completely safe for those who suffer with nickel allergy. Their goal was to offer insight into this malady along with simple ways to avoid nickel allergy symptoms. Responsive customer service has always been a top priority and one that continues to receive public accolades.

While the owners may have been surprised at the overwhelming response to their products, they had established their business just for those reasons – to take care of the nickel allergic customer by providing products that can be trusted.

During the years between the company’s inception and today, the owners’ insight has led them to offer a variety of products to address the needs of every nickel allergic consumer. The nickel free belt collection has grown exponentially and now includes primarily handcrafted, genuine leather belts but still offers manmade leather belts that often appeal as a fashion accessory more than a daily wear belt.

The addition of handmade in the USA genuine leather nickel free belts garnered attention throughout the world. So durable are these belts, the Signature Series Belt Collection comes with a lifetime guarantee to never break or fail in any manner. These belts are fitted with titanium buckles, following the recommendation of dermatologists and allergists who recommend titanium for those with nickel allergy or other metal allergies.

The initial products offered by Athena Allergy included Nickel Alert™, their own formulation of a pre-mixed and pre-measured dimethylglyoxime (dmg) spot test for nickel and Nickel Guard™, a clinically proven barrier designed to protect the skin from any nickel in metals. These products, also sold together as Nickel Solution™, are considered the first step in overcoming nickel allergy symptoms and remain top sellers.

Many customers visit the sites to purchase nickel free jewelry. Nickel allergy often results following the introduction of nickel to the body through piercings. Nickel free jewelry is then necessary to avoid the unsightly and uncomfortable nickel allergy rash associated with this problem. NoNickel has responded to these needs as well. Most of the nickel free earrings found on the NoNickel and Athena Allergy websites are made in the southeastern United States by talented artisans who design and create a variety of stunning styles.

Not only can customers trust the nickel free products found at NoNickel.com and Athena Allergy.com but they can also secure credible advice and information on nickel allergy and even on the types of metals and leathers used in production.

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