Responding to the demand for durable, good-looking nickel free Big and Tall Belts, Athena Allergy, Inc. has expanded their line of genuine leather handcrafted belts to offer custom belts in sizes larger than 44 inches.

Over eighty percent of their big and tall belt collection are nickel free belts made in the USA from genuine leather, and are available in casual, dress, or work belt styles. Of these genuine leather belts, forty percent are included in the elite Signature Series Collection.  These exclusive handmade belts are fashioned with titanium buckles; this pairing guarantees durability and hypoallergenicity, so these belts come with the Lifetime Guarantee of no breakage, no failure, and no nickel!

A variety of choices await those seeking big and tall nickel free dress belts. From the classically styled Elk Knob Brown Belt (sized up to 62” at present) to the Signature Series Silver Square Black Titanium Belt (up to 48”), there are several attractive alternatives at varying price points.

For nickel free casual belts, the Ridgeline Trail Distressed Belt has much to offer. Offering popular distressed leather and a trendy double pin roller buckle, this belt looks and feels great and is sized up to 56 inches. In the Signature Series Collection, most of the popular Mt. Pisgah Casual Titanium Belts are sized over 44” and are considered a dress-casual belt for versatile wear and the lifetime guarantee!

Nickel free work belts are essential for nickel allergy sufferers who work physically demanding jobs. The titanium work belts are so durable, they also come with a lifetime guarantee! The Titanium Work Belt in brown features a rich espresso brown strap whose black-dyed edges give it a fantastic new dimension. Its Titanium Work Buckle is a real workhorse of a buckle, guaranteeing strength and durability in a truly handsome buckle. Its biggest draw may be that it is made from nickel free titanium, the material most often recommended by physicians for nickel allergy and other metal allergies. As a Signature Series Belt, this select product is guaranteed to never break or fail in any manner, and as with all Athena Allergy belts, it has a lifetime guarantee to never test positive for nickel!

Athena Allergy is excited to be able to answer the call from big and tall sized customers who require a truly nickel free belt, and who will enjoy the opportunity to select the style and design that best meets their lifestyle.
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