Want to glam it up for New Year’s Eve but don’t want the uncomfortable rash often caused by your jewelry?
Is eliminating your itchy waistline rash a top priority on your New Year’s Resolution List?
Want to be stylish yet nickel rash free in the coming year?

The Nickel Allergy Experts at NoNickel.com can solve all your nickel allergy woes! For the past eleven years, NoNickel.com has been a place people can trust to find great nickel free products that come with the guarantee to never test positive for nickel. More recently, NoNickel has really amped up their style. From the genuine leather nickel free belts that have been handmade in the USA to the stunning hypoallergenic earrings that are also regionally made, there is no longer any need to trade great fashion for being comfortably nickel rash free. Now, it’s so easy to be both!

Looking for amazing earring designs to add sparkle to your New Year’s Eve ensemble? The nickel free dichroic glass earrings are sure to have all eyes on you! These earrings are made in the USA by creative artisans who design and fire the dichroic glass in their own studio, then fashion the mesmerizing glass into lovely earrings. The beauty of these earrings goes beyond the visible. You will love the fact that you never have to worry about that red, itchy rash on your earlobes interfering with the festivities!

Perhaps you’ve been delaying your own comfort during the busyness of the holiday season but you’re now feeling that itchy belt line rash has got to be resolved! If your dermatologist or allergist has determined that you are allergic to nickel, be aware that nickel is present in many belt buckles. If nickel is your only metal allergy, you have a myriad of nickel free belt choices at NoNickel.com. The belt buckles which are made of zinc are good choices and will offer relief from nickel allergy! The hands down favorite belt of 2015 has been the Roan Mountain Leather Belt. Made from genuine full grain leather, this belt is so amazingly comfortable and is guaranteed to never cause nickel allergy symptoms.

If the diagnosis has been multiple metal allergies, dermatologists and allergists worldwide recommend titanium! NoNickel now offers many nickel free titanium belt options, from the belt buckles sold separately to titanium belt sets to complete every wardrobe need. The Mt. Pisgah Casual Titanium Belts have been extremely well-received. With several choices from black top grain leather to brown distressed leather, these belts are all paired with handsome nickel free titanium buckles. Even better, these belts have a lifetime guarantee to never break or fail in any manner. Of course, these belts also have the nickel free lifetime guarantee. With distressed leather shoes and boots topping the fashion charts, the Mt. Pisgah Casual Titanium Distressed Leather Belt has been a sought-after accessory! Nickel free, comfortable, and trendy, this belt immediately increases your fashion cred.

For 2016, resolve to remedy your nickel allergy problems with products and information from NoNickel.com.

Countdown to a Nickel Free New Year!