has long been known for providing the ultimate in nickel free gifting. Now today’s savvy shoppers are discovering their unique accessories make terrific gifts for everyone else on their lists, too.

Being Handmade in the USA appeals to those looking for high quality as well as for citizens who want to buy local.  The majority of products offered by are US-made. Their Made in the USA Nickel Free Belts are crafted carefully from one solid piece of leather, typically using full grain or top grain leather. Then the belt straps are fitted with Certified Nickel Free buckles using heavy-duty hand stitching so that no additional metal is necessary and to assure a lasting hold. Certified Nickel Free means that each product is guaranteed to never test positive for nickel; that’s a lifetime promise from NoNickel!

For avid travelers, the Carbon Fiber Belt Collection provides a sophisticated solution for those looking to journey “metal free”. Those same belts are also a hot ticket item for the high-tech gadget geek and those who must routinely go through work-related security checks. With so many new belts in the Carbon Fiber Collection, it was difficult to highlight just one. The Carbon Fiber Wide Pin Brown Belt has appeal on many levels. From the versatility of the brown strap/carbon buckle combination to the rippled (read comfortable!) handcrafted leather, this belt seems to have been made for the frequent flier who will appreciate the ease of traversing security clearance “beep-free”. The fact that these belts contain zero metal also holds appeal for anyone who suffers from allergy to multiple metals. Zero metal means zero chance of a metal allergy rash.

The USA-made nickel free earrings provide lasting relief to those who suffer from nickel allergy, but they have also caught the eye of many who simply love beautiful jewelry. Dichroic Glass Post Earrings pack a punch of color in a small package; mesmerizing depths of color simply shimmer when worn. The dichroic glass is made entirely in the USA, beginning with the design to the firing of the glass, then culminating with the consummate construction of each piece of jewelry. These same artisans have crafted the beautifully hued Nickel Free Wire Wrapped Earrings and the Nickel Free Dichroic Glass Dangles that have proven to be extremely popular gifts.

The Nickel Free Titanium Belt Collection was created as a solution for those with multiple metal allergies. Dermatologists and allergists recommend titanium as an excellent choice for anyone enduring an allergy to metal. Many nickel allergic customers select titanium for its strength, durability, and extremely low allergenicity. Others buy titanium belts for the great look! The Titanium Collection at has increased dramatically over the past year and now includes many dress and casual styles. Exploding in popularity since its introduction, The Smoky Mountain Titanium Distressed Leather Belt is handcrafted of black distressed full grain leather. The vintage look of this leather blends perfectly with the steely grey titanium buckle. As a Signature Series Belt, it has earned a lifetime guarantee against breakage.

For those with sensitive skin, these belts and earrings will be a greatly appreciated and very thoughtful gift. Obviously many others have stumbled upon this great site for accessory aficionados. Favorite gift-givers always track down new sources for great finds, so be the first in your group to buy and reap the rewards!



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