If you suffer from nickel allergy, you probably have at least three major wishes to improve your condition. Just for you, NoNickel has the solution! No need to capture those tricky leprechauns or find a four leaf clover, all you need to do is pay a visit to NoNickel.com and your luck (and health!) will change for the better!

Wish #1: I wish I could tell if a metal belt buckle or metallic jewelry has nickel before I wear it and get an ugly, itchy rash.

Wish Granted: Nickel Alert™, the USA-formulated dmg spot test for nickel can easily and accurately test for nickel in any metal. Safe to use on any metal, the liquid is simply rubbed onto the metal surface for a few seconds. A pink or red result means nickel is present and you should avoid that item. Avoidance can be as simple as not using it or brushing on the protective barrier, Nickel Guard™.

Wish #2: I wish I could find fashionable belts that truly have no nickel. I can only find unattractive belts, often  labeled as nickel free, but still cause a nickel allergy rash.

Wish Granted: NoNickel.com has the largest collection of Certified Nickel Free™ belts in the world! Most of these nickel free belts are handcrafted in the USA and every one of these belts has been batch-tested to assure there is no nickel that will ever cause nickel allergy symptoms! Furthermore, there is a lifetime guarantee that no product will ever test positive for nickel. Every year, the belt makers assure that they are adding the latest styles and materials to the nickel free belt collections for men, women, teens, and children. A small sampling would include Lea’s Favorite Belt Set (these belts can be purchased separately!), the USA-made Smoky Mountain Distressed Leather Belt, and the Deep River Black Belt.

Wish #3: I wish I could find a special non-allergenic belt because I have allergies to cobalt, copper, and nickel. I’ve been going without a belt and want to dress up a little this Spring.

Wish Granted: NoNickel recognizes the plight of those who have multiple metal allergies and have two collections designed just for you. Titanium is the metal most often recommended by dermatologists and allergists for those who are allergic to nickel and other metals. The NoNickel Titanium Belt Collection consists of work belts, casual belts, and dress belts almost exclusively handmade in the USA. In addition, there is a sophisticated, metal free belt collection: Nickel Free Carbon Fiber Belt Collection. These belts have buckles made of 100% carbon fiber. The buckle is hand-stitched to the belt strap, so there is no metal on the belt at all.  In addition to being beloved by those with metal allergies, these belts are highly sought after by those who travel frequently or who are regularly screened through metal detectors. All of these belts will offer faultless style and remarkable comfort.

“Sláinte” – the NoNickel Leprechauns wish you good health, which includes freedom from all your nickel allergy symptoms!

Granting Your Three Wishes – Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the NoNickel Leprechauns