Get in on this trend! Carbon fiber belts are not only in demand for easier passage through security checkpoints, they are also the perfect answer for anyone with allergies to nickel and/or other metals.

The Nickel Allergy Experts of are launching a new website dedicated to the benefits of buying carbon fiber belts. not only outlines all the many benefits of carbon fiber, but also features several popular handcrafted full grain leather belts with carbon fiber buckles.

At, it is noted that these 100% carbon fiber buckles have no metal and the buckles are hand sewn onto the leather straps. This design avoids any use of metal snaps or closures. Of course, no metal means no rash and no beep at airport security!

The popularity of carbon fiber belts is rising dramatically. For those with high security jobs, a non-metal belt is one less concern. Those on the cutting edge of style consider carbon fiber a superlative look.  The Nickel Allergy Experts are busy promoting the metal-free, avant-garde look of carbon fiber as a fail-proof method of avoiding nickel and other metals.

Frequent fliers recommend The Specialist Black Belt because the metal-free buckle allows them to pass through screenings without removing their belts.  This belt could be considered “traditional with a twist”; the handcrafted genuine full grain leather strap has the classic pin-style buckle, but in unique, lightweight, and durable carbon fiber. The newly available nickel free carbon fiber belt,  The Specialist Belt in Brown,  adds a layer of wardrobe and travel versatility by combining the unique carbon fiber coloration with the popular brown strap.

A sleek, hook-style carbon fiber buckle is featured on both the CF 2.0 Black Belt and the CF 2.0 Brown Belt. Both belts are handcrafted in the USA, using one solid piece of full grain leather. These two belts come with a lifetime guarantee to never break or fail in any manner.

The newest additions to the Carbon Fiber Collection include The Stealth Black Belt and The Stealth Brown Belt. The name itself is a great reminder that these belts provide ease in “flying under the metal detection radar”! The Carbon Fiber Wide Pin Black Belt adds a new level of sophistication to this collection. The Carbon Fiber Wide Pin Brown Belt is currently being detailed at the leathercrafters and will be available soon.

All Certified Nickel Free™  belts from are guaranteed for life to never test positive for nickel.

Beep-Free Carbon Fiber Belts!