Avoid any chance of a nickel allergy rash interfering with school activities with NoNickel’s NickelSmart belts and earrings that are guaranteed nickel free for life!

New trends and styles give a lift to those not quite ready to say goodbye to summer fun. NoNickel’s popular handcrafted full grain leather belts go the extra mile by keeping that carefree summertime comfort in a variety of fashionable nickel free belts! Sure to be a hit this fall is the Ridgeline Trail Distressed Leather Nickel Free Belt. From the popular rugged look of the leather to the trendy double pin roller buckle, this belt looks amazing with jeans and provides the perfect match for distressed leather boots!

The Distressed Rose Nickel Free Belt has the same great-looking leather in a slimmer belt. The circular buckle adds the perfect centerpiece to this belt while providing edge-free comfort with no nickel allergy rash!

Need a school spirit boost? Add some nickel free dichroic posts to the school day mix; there are several colors from which to choose, with a possible match for your team colors!

Shopping for jeans, pants, and uniforms brings the reminder to test buttons and rivets for nickel. The recommended test is Nickel Alert™, an easy to use, accurate dmg spot test for nickel, Nickel Alert is safe to use on any metal.  A lot of unsuspecting students and parents are wearing nickel in their clothing which results in patchy abdominal rashes. If nickel is found on these items, the solution is NickelSmart Nickel Free Buttons and Rivet Pack!

Don’t let that bottle of Nickel Alert just sit around prior to the first school bell! Test, test, test! Nickel is often found in musical instruments, a potential problem for those students who will be participating in band this year. Itchy nickel rashes from those instruments can significantly impact the player’s performance. Test prior to purchase, if that is an option. If the musical instrument has nickel, determine if there are ways to provide protection between the nickel and skin. Even stringed instruments have tested positive for nickel in the strings, so careful testing is advised.

In the past few years, some mobile devices and fitness trackers have made the news by testing positive for nickel and causing significant allergic reactions. Any metallic items that comes into prolonged contact with the skin should be considered a potential nickel source and tested. Plastic covers may provide the needed protection. For metallic items with non-movable parts, Nickel Guard™ is a lacquer that can be brushed onto the surface to provide a barrier between nickel and the skin. Nickel Guard is formulated without harsh chemicals, so it is safe for sensitive skin.

Don’t let nickel allergy interfere with a new school year! NoNickel.com has the tools and products needed to assure a nickel free start to a new school year! Trust the NickelSmart brand for no more nickel rash.



NickelSmart™ – A Smart Start to Your School Year!