Originally published on April 1, 2012 by Rita Arrup

Lea Dow, Owner and President of Athena Allergy and NoNickel.com, was welcomed back to the annual American Contact Dermatitis Society meeting held in March in San Diego, California. This one day meeting entitled “Charting the Course” featured experts in the field of dermatology covering topics related to allergic contact dermatitis. Lea had previously been a regular exhibitor at these meetings and was excited to have the opportunity to introduce her new line of certified nickel free products to former business associates, dermatologists, and allergists.

Reaction to these products was overwhelmingly positive with several physicians placing belt orders for themselves! Finding stylish nickel free belts designed for men, women, teens, and children has been a challenge. NoNickel.com also offers big and tall sizes, and has been particularly successful with the handmade genuine leather nickel free belts for this market.

Conference goers found NoNickel’s nickel free certification particularly noteworthy. For years, physicians have heard complaints from their patients that the products labeled “hypoallergenic” or “nickel free” did not resolve their nickel allergy symptoms and often made those problems worse. Some of these products are falsely advertised while other products have a top coating or overlay of a nickel free material. Once this overlay diminishes, skin is exposed to the nickel in the base metal resulting in allergic reactions. NoNickel tests each of their products to assure there is no nickel in the base metal or any coating.

In addition to exhibiting many styles of belts, a variety of nickel free jewelry was also on display. NoNickel.com offers nickel free watches, many styles of hypoallergenic earrings, nickel free belt buckles, and even nickel free buttons and rivets for jeans, casual pants, or shorts.

A product familiar to some of the dermatologists was Nickel Solution™. This easy-to-use and invaluable kit allows users to test for nickel with Nickel Alert™, then brush on Nickel Guard™ to provide a protective barrier between the nickel and skin. For anyone who is allergic to nickel, being able to test items before purchasing is a significant benefit. It is equally important to be able to continue to wear priceless items that may contain nickel. Nickel Solution allows for both, thus making life a little simpler for those dealing with the aggravation of nickel allergy symptoms.

Ms. Dow and her husband, Michael, have over forty-five years combined nickel allergy experience and started their business to help those with nickel allergy live comfortable lives. Their knowledge and dedication are noted by ACDS members who are pleased to have them available as resources for nickel allergy needs.

NoNickel Owner Attends Prestigious ACDS Conference

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