Originally published on May 6, 2012 by Rita Arrup

Don’t Give Mom a Rash for Mother’s Day – here’s what to look for in nickel free jewelry – Nickel Allergy Information News and Solutions

With Mother’s Day coming up on May 13th, we enjoy the memories of special times with the exceptional women who have had a lasting and positive influence in our lives. It’s our chance to show our appreciation to them for being there for us; their sacrifices, wisdom, advice, and unconditional love that helped make us who we are today.

As we get older, we begin to see these praiseworthy paradigms as individuals, not just as our mom, aunt, or friend. A good start would be recognizing that she may be allergic to that fabulous jewelry found just for her. This Mother’s Day, show the celebrated lady ways to avoid those miserable nickel allergy symptoms that come with wearing certain earrings, watches, or belt buckles.

Maybe that fabulous jewelry is labeled “hypoallergenic” or “for sensitive skin”, so it’s a safe bet, right? Maybe not. In the US, these terms mean little as there is no standard being regulated by the government. These labels may mean absolutely nothing, or they may refer to the coating of a nickel free overlay that will erode over time allowing the nickel in the base metal to come in contact with the skin. It seems to us that these meaningless terms have discouraged the nickel allergic population to the point of giving up on wearing jewelry to avoid those telltale red, itchy rashes.

To restore the faith of those with nickel allergy, we created Certified Nickel Free™ products. We test every one of our products to assure they are completely free of nickel and we guarantee them to never test positive for nickel. Certified nickel free refers to the base metal and any overlay. We understand nickel allergy and want to be a resource for those suffering with this problem.

Our nickel free jewelry line includes classic sterling silver earrings, stunning handmade nickel free earrings, many featuring Swarovski crystals, nickel free watches, and rings. We also offer nickel free belts and nickel free belt buckles.

Back to that fabulous jewelry – two suggestions: safely and easily test for nickel using Nickel Alert™. If there is a positive test, protect Mom’s skin by using Nickel Guard™, a lacquer designed to bond with the metal to create a protective coating. Another idea? Keep that fabulous jewelry for yourself and buy Mom beautiful handcrafted, unique, and certified nickel free jewelry offered at NoNickel.com.

Celebrate your special loved ones in every way possible this Mother’s Day!

Don’t Give Mom a Rash for Mother’s Day – here’s what to look for in nickel free jewelry

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