Originally published on March 4, 2014 by Rita Arrup

March is definitely a time of change – the weather shifts from warm and balmy to freezing drizzle in a matter of hours!  Coming in like a lion and (hopefully) going out like a lamb, this is one unpredictable month!  Add in the uncertainty of our favorite basketball picks, the Leprechaun tricks, and the bleary eyes from adjusting to Daylight Savings Time, and March may become our less than favorite month.

But wait, behind those clouds looms a rainbow with a pot of gold!  Today can be your lucky day when leave nickel allergy symptoms in the past and discover a rash free life!  Athena Allergy makes it easy with nickel tests, nickel avoidance, and nickel free products!

Use the cornerstone of nickel avoidance, Nickel Solution, to test for nickel in metal items then protect the skin from any nickel.  Building on that foundation, buy only Certified Nickel Free™ and Certified Nickel Safe™ products to replace those that cause nickel allergy reactions.

Athena Allergy has some great new products that will help you breeze through these blustery March days!  Looking for a little green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?  Check out the newly listed Chartreuse Surprise Hypoallergenic Earrings for amazing depths of color in sparkling green dichroic glass beads wrapped in silver filigree.  At last check, there were a dozen pairs of earrings in various shades of green that will surely keep the pinches at bay.  With four on the Athena Allergy clearance page, you can also save a little green!

Make sure this volatile month ends like a little lamb, by trying the easy-on-your-skin nickel free belts!  Not only are all of these belts guaranteed to never cause that miserable belly rash from nickel, but most are handcrafted genuine leather.  Some of these belts are so comfortable, you will never know you are wearing a new belt; they are gentle as a lamb in more ways than one!  To see what we mean, try one of these wildly popular belts, the Nickel Free Roan Mountain Belt or the Nickel Free Smoky Mountain Belt!  Maybe you’re looking to be a trendsetter at one of the Sweet Sixteen games; you can’t go wrong with the Nickel Free Silver Square Tan Belt!  Made from unaltered full grain leather, each belt strap will have unique markings and variation in color that make this attention grabbing belt one-of-a-kind!

Does the Daylight Savings Time switch leave you groggy and always running behind?  Be prepared with a new watch, so you’ll be on time and nickel rash free!  The watch collection at Athena Allergy continues to grow, so check back often for stylish new timepieces.  Athena Allergy has recently re-introduced a popular style, the Stainless Steel Watch with Blue Face.  The mid-size of this watch makes it a good choice for men or women; it is guaranteed to never cause a nickel rash so it is really perfect for anyone with nickel allergy.

March may be a wild ride in many ways, but you can tame your nickel allergy rashes easily with great products from The Nickel Allergy Experts at Athena Allergy!

It’s Time to Change Your Luck – No More Nickel Rash

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