Originally published on May 28, 2009 by Lea Dow

Cell Phone Dermatitis–nickel allergy goes beyond costume jewelry! – Nickel Allergy Information News and Solutions

Who would have thought that your cell phone could give you a rash!

People who are allergic to nickel may have a difficult time with trendier cell phones.    A clinical study shows that more fashionable cell phones often contain nickel in the metallic accents. After using these cell phones, a rash (dermatitis) appears on the face and ear where nickel makes contact with the skin.

When possible, nickel sensitive individuals should test cell phones for nickel using a dimethylglyoxime (dmg spot) test before purchasing a phone or if nickel is suspected.  Test any metal on a cell phone, especially, logos, menu buttons and around LCD screens.

If your mobile phone tests positive for nickel, there are possible several solutions.  Ear buds, headsets or a speaker phone can be used in addition to a plastic cover or simply coat the non-moving part with Nickel Guard to provide a barrier from the nickel.

If you test and identify nickel in your phone, let us know and we will post it here and update the list of phones which contain nickel.  Include the brand, model # and where the nickel was found.

Cell Phone Dermatitis–nickel allergy goes beyond costume jewelry!

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