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Can summer break already be coming to an end?  We can’t believe the start of a new school year is only days away for some of us!  The past few months have flown by at NoNickel.com.  We are busy at work on projects and products designed to vastly improve your shopping experience with us!

If you haven’t checked in during your summer vacation, you may be surprised to see all the new belts in varying styles and leather types that we’ve added in recent weeks.  Just to get you up-to-speed, here is a quick rundown on our new belts and how they can add to your academic experience!

Make this school year one where you are stylish, comfortable, and nickel rash free!  No one should have to contend with irritating nickel allergy symptoms while they are busy making the Honor Roll!  Students and teachers will definitely find styles of nickel free belts and hypoallergenic jewelry that are guaranteed to never test positive for nickel and never cause a nickel allergy rash!

The belts making the biggest splash since their introduction a few months ago are the Roan Mountain Belt in Brown and the Smoky Mountain Black Belt.  The comfort and durability of these belts is incredible; the first wear makes you feel like this belt is an old favorite.  Made in the USA of genuine full grain leather, these casual belts are gaining a cult-like following!  Owner Michael Dow is spreading the word, as this is now his personal everyday favorite!

In the market for a dressier, more polished look?  Our Silver Square Belt series comes in black, white, and brown.  A lustrous bridle leather strap is paired with a gleaming silver-toned buckle for a classic and good-looking belt.  This versatile belt is popular with men and women and is making its way into the academic setting as a contender for “Best Dressed”!

Maybe your student is known as an innovative trendsetter in their clothing choices.  Selecting the New River Black Belt would sync with their tendencies to go against the flow!  This casual full grain leather belt is named for the New River – one of the oldest rivers in the world and only one of a few that flows north!  The New River Black Belt has a rippled textured for unique good looks!  Your student can be an individualist while being comfortable and nickel free!

The belt best known for its hot looks is our Burnt Mountain Belt.  Made of top grain leather with subtle embossed flames flickering on the surface, this belt is paired with a stainless steel roller buckle that comes with the guarantee to never cause a nickel allergic reaction.

Parents who are seeking smaller sizes for children who suffer from nickel allergy will be thrilled to know there are several belts sized from 24 to 30 inches.  The Nickel Smart Child’s Black belt is a great style for church or to pair with school uniforms; the Double Pin Roller nickel free belts offer a trendier look in smaller sizes.  All our nickel free children’s belts are guaranteed to never cause a nickel allergy rash, so itchy abdominal rashes are no longer an excuse for not studying!

If being on time is a problem for you or your student, NoNickel is offering several new watches for men and women.  Stainless steel and Certified Nickel Safe™, these watches will never cause that itchy wrist rash so common for nickel allergy sufferers.  The Invicta Wildflower watch offers five interchangeable bands in versatile colors to make fashionable coordination easy and rash free.  The men's Stainless Steel diver's watch with a black dial is suitably sized for either men or women.

Our jewelry artist has also been at work with some new styles, just in time for the school year!  Take a look at what is new on our Nickel Free Jewelry page.  Don't suffer with itchy earlobes when handcrafted, unique and nickel rash free designs are available!

Don't let troublesome nickel allergy rashes have a negative impact on your child's school year.With nickel free products and problem solvers, NoNickel can help!

Back to School in Nickel Free Style

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