Originally published on October 8, 2013 by Rita Arrup

The efforts of the NoNickel staff over the past few months are really starting to pay off!  Our new NoNickel shopping site launched on September 15th and offers an educational experience along with new nickel free products, all designed to make living with nickel allergy manageable, stylish and completely nickel rash free!

With our nickel allergic customers in mind, we created short summaries outlining the metals used in producing the Certified Nickel Free™ and Certified Nickel Safe™ products we offer, along with describing the difference between the two.  The most important thing to remember about all the metals used for NoNickel’s products is that all of them are guaranteed to never test positive for nickel and never cause a nickel allergic reaction.

Nickel free belts are a top seller at NoNickel, so we put a lot of time into developing an outline describing the Types of Leather used in those belts.  We believe this will be a great tool for shoppers to choose the perfect belt for their individual needs.  While some customers may be looking for a belt to last for years, others may just need something fun and trendy.  No matter the style, cost, or type of leather used, all our belts fall under the same guarantee to never cause a nickel allergy rash.

Time is a precious commodity these days, so we designed our navigation bar and drop down search boxes to facilitate an easy shopping experience that will deliver the perfect belt aligned with the customer’s specifications.    From choosing between children’s nickel free belts to Big and Tall nickel free belts, to selecting a color, material, width, and price, each option works to bring together exactly what the customer has in mind.

Loyal patrons will be happy to know that their favorite products are still available, along with many new choices in nickel free belts, buckles, watches, and earrings.  If it’s been a while since you visited the site, there are a lot of new leather choices in the nickel free belts!  Handmade belt straps have been paired with nickel free buckles to offer such choices as the New River Black Belt, made of full grain leather and incredibly comfortable.  Genuine full grain leather has proven extremely popular in the sales of the Roan and Smoky Mountain genuine leather nickel free belts.  Polished bridle leather and top grain leather belts are offering a dressier style, such as the Mt. Pisgah Black Belt and the Elk Knob Brown Belt.

Our jewelry artist has also been busy over the summer months producing new original designs for her Certified Nickel Safe surgical stainless steel earrings.  There are new stainless steel watches, sterling silver earrings, and titanium buckles to round out the fall premiere!

We hope you will find the new site to be an answer to your nickel allergy needs!  Our goal is to make nickel free shopping easy and to make living with nickel allergy manageable.  We believe this new site takes great strides in that direction!

NoNickel’s New Site is More Than a Great New Look!

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