Originally published on February 21, 2013 by Rita Arrup

Newly diagnosed nickel allergy patients are ready to do whatever it takes to be rid of the painful, itchy red rashes symptomatic of allergic contact dermatitis to nickel. Realistically, though, it can be expensive to buy an entire new belt wardrobe to protect against itchy belly syndrome.

While NoNickel has many ideas that can help those with nickel allergy, their Nickel Smart™ Clamp Pin Buckle offers a simple solution to the quandary of replacing all of one’s nicely broken in belts with new nickel free ones. In most cases, a belt buckle may be cut off an old belt and this nickel free clamp pin buckle inserted in its place. This works best for belt straps that already a bit long.

The instructions are simple: remove the old buckle from the belt strap, using a sharp pair of scissors. Open the clamp by lifting the tab (lever) on the back of the new buckle, slip the belt strap into the opening and press the tab closed. In closing the tab, there are tiny prongs that insert into the belt material.   Once the tab is closed, you have acquired a nickel free belt.  No more itchy rashes from nickel!

This nickel free clamp pin buckle is great-looking and versatile. Wearers are comfortable using this belt for dress or casual wear. Save a little cash while saving your skin from nickel allergy rash.

Looking for more great ideas to protect skin from nickel? Nickel Solution™ is a must-have for anyone allergic to nickel. This two-part kit provides a bottle of Nickel Alert™ to test metals for nickel content and a bottle of Nickel Guard™, a lacquer specifically designed to brush onto metal to provide an effective barrier between the metal and the skin.

NoNickel has one of the largest selections of nickel free belts in the world. Many of these belts have straps that have been handcrafted in the USA and paired with nickel free buckles, including some with titanium buckles. Dermatologists often recommend titanium to their patients with nickel allergy as it is considered a safe metal for metal allergies. Titanium offers other benefits including its lightweight feel and amazing durability. These buckles are made of aerospace grade titanium and are designed for those who are tough on belts. Pair a titanium buckle with a genuine leather strap and the result is one very sturdy belt.

Jewelry is frequently the cause of nickel allergy rashes, particularly in women. NoNickel employs a jewelry artist who is allergic to nickel.  She tests each of her products to assure these Certified Nickel Free earrings are safe to wear! Nickel allergy sufferers can buy beautiful nickel free earrings with the guarantee they will never cause itchy ears.

Back to budgeting ideas – always check out the clearance section of the NoNickel website for great deals. For additional discounts, take a look at the Deal of the Month. If you place an order and keep your packing slip, you’ll be eligible for free shipping for future orders. Add your name to their subscriber list and receive regular emails featuring new products and promotional discounts.

The owners of NoNickel have more than forty-five years of combined contact dermatology experience; their website has excellent educational insights and tips for avoiding nickel. With their knowledge, the huge selection of nickel free products, and their commitment to customer service, NoNickel is an invaluable resource for anyone with nickel allergy.

Nickel Allergic and On A Budget? Change out buckles with this Certified Nickel Free™ Clamp Pin Buckle- easy to do and easy on your wallet.

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