Originally published on May 23, 2012 by Rita Arrup

Recent news reports have implicated the nickel that is found naturally in some healthy foods as responsible for an increased number of food allergy complaints.  Some experts believe that nickel allergy to food is growing due to the numbers of people choosing healthier foods including legumes, whole grains, spinach, oatmeal, and soy. These staples of a vegetarian diet are considered to be naturally high in nickel content.

If you’ve been trying to improve your diet, but are wondering why you’re experiencing symptoms such as a rash (often on the palms of your hands or the outside of your elbow), fatigue, mouth sores or irritation, and/or muscle twitches, you may want to plan a visit to an allergist who specializes in food allergies. These symptoms are characteristic of nickel allergy to food, and can be confirmed by a specialist. While your doctor will have recommendations specific to your situation, some studies show that taking vitamin C, especially in chewable tablet form, and eating a diet high in iron may counteract the negative effects of nickel.

Unlike some foods that may result in immediate and even life-threatening allergy symptoms, nickel is cumulative, building up until symptoms appear.  Since there may be no way to immediately tell if nickel is causing problems, let your allergist make the call. If you’ve experienced nickel allergy to the metal in jewelry or belt buckles, there is evidence to indicate you may be at an increased risk for nickel allergy to food. If you are aware that you have nickel allergy, consider the Nickel Allergy Experts of NoNickel, an Athena Allergy company, as a great resource. Along with current and knowledgeable information, we offer a stylish line of nickel free belts for men, women, teens, and children. As jewelry is often a major concern for nickel allergy sufferers, there are beautiful handmade nickel free earrings, sterling silver earrings, titanium rings, and watches -all certified nickel free.

You will also find an extensive list of nickel-laden foods to avoid, in addition to foods safe for a low nickel diet on the websites. With over forty-five years of nickel allergy experience, the owners of NoNickel.com and Athena Allergy are trusted advocates for those suffering with nickel allergy.

Is Your Healthy Diet Making You Sick? Nickel allergy to food is on the rise.

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