Originally published on September 13, 2007

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HUNTERSVILLE, NC – Women who have an allergy or sensitivity to jewelry now have a new option to protect themselves from nickel contact thanks to the launch of an innovative product by Athena Allergy, Inc.  Available through online retailers and skin care specialists, Nickel Solution TM is a unique two-part system that detects nickel in metal items and then protects against a rash, a side effect of nickel contact.

“Research shows that 22 million women develop a rash from wearing jewelry.  Nickel, the culprit responsible for the rash, produces more allergic reactions than all other metals combined,” said Lea Dow, President of Athena Allergy.

She continued, “Studies show the increase in ear and body piercing has caused nickel sensitivity to grow at alarming rates.  The problem is no longer female-specific; the rate of affected males is also rising.”

An allergy or sensitivity to nickel, a life-long ailment, can cause ACD – allergic contact dermatitis.  The symptoms include a red, itchy rash that may swell.  The skin can also develop welts or hives and cracks or fissures.  The most common sites of nickel-related dermatitis are the earlobes, neck, and wrist, where metal makes skin contact.

Nickel is widely used because it adds durability to softer metals like gold and is a common component in the base metal of plated items.  As plating wears, even in “nickel-free” items where nickel is still present in the base metal, exposure can occur.

“Nickel Solution is the result of almost four decades of dermatology and allergy expertise,” said Ms. Dow.  “We are committed to providing consumers with a user-friendly product that improves their quality of life.  Jewelry choices for nickel sensitive women and men are limited.  This product bridges that gap.”

How is Nickel Solution used?  The kit contains two solutions: Nickel Alert and Nickel Guard. Nickel Alert tests for the presence of nickel – even in trace amounts – in jewelry and other articles, such as watches, buttons, eyeglasses, and belt buckles.  Two drops of Nickel Alert are applied to a cotton swab, and then rubbed on the metal item.  If the cotton swab turns pink, then nickel has been detected.  The test takes less than one minute.  Nickel Guard, the second solution, uses a proprietary clear coating that forms an invisible micro-bond with the metal to protect the user from nickel exposure.  Nickel Guard is brushed on nickel items where metal makes skin contact.  The kit, recommended by dermatologists, is easy to use and will not harm even the most valuable items.

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Athena Allergy Nickel Allergic Solutions

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