Originally published on January 1, 2012 by Rita Arrup

Athena Allergy, parent company of NoNickel.com, was recognized by the national publication First for Women in their October 31, 2011 issue for offering a simple resolution to wedding ring dermatitis. This condition, commonly referred to as nickel allergy or allergic contact dermatitis, affects a significant portion of the US population. For men and women developing an itchy red rash just under their wedding bands, making it impossible to continue to wear that ring in comfort, this allergy spells trouble in more ways than one!

Athena Allergy offers Nickel Solution™ as a remedy for this common problem. This kit contains Nickel Alert™ to test for the presence of nickel in any metal, and Nickel Guard™ to provide a protective barrier between the skin and the offending metal. Nickel Guard is specifically formulated for people with sensitive skin and does not contain certain ingredients known to cause secondary dermatitis.

Wedding ring dermatitis or any nickel allergy may cause itchy, swollen rashes at the site of nickel contact. As noted in this publication, gold and platinum wedding bands are not exempt from causing allergic reactions as some manufacturers use nickel as a base before coating the bands with gold or platinum. Once this protective coating wears away, nickel comes into contact with the skin causing problems for those with nickel allergies.

The owners of Athena Allergy and NoNickel.com strive to educate the public on issues associated with nickel allergy and the relative ease with which such problems can be alleviated. In addition to Nickel Solution, these companies offer nickel free belts, buckles, watches, rings (including titanium wedding bands!), and earrings, all Certified Nickel Free™ and guaranteed to never test positive for nickel. This certification sets Athena Allergy apart as they test all their products to assure they are indeed free of any nickel, including base metal, hardware, and plating.

If wedding ring dermatitis is causing trouble at home, look to Athena Allergy for a simple solution- Nickel Solution!

Athena Allergy Acknowledged for Providing Solution to Wedding Ring Dermatitis

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