From high-tech belt buckles to sparkly dichroic glass earrings, has great gift ideas for anyone on your list who suffers with nickel allergy, or even anyone who just loves good stuff! This year, make a huge impression on those in your life who have to deal with the discomfort of nickel allergy rash. They will know how much you care when you give them a little gift that will provide lasting relief!

Glancing through the NoNickel catalog, we came up with several small suggestions that are sure to make an impact! The Carbon Fiber Nickel Free Belt Buckles are intriguing. The futuristic look, innovative design, and high strength-to-weight ratio make these buckles perfect for the techies on your list. These attractive buckles are also guaranteed for life to never break or fail in any manner. Along with all other NoNickel products they are Certified Nickel Free and guaranteed to never test positive for nickel.

One of the pioneer products of the company, the Clamp Pin Nickel Free Buckle is the perfect way to change a belt that causes nickel allergy symptoms into one that is nickel free! This changeover works best for belt straps that are a little longer than desired, as the old buckle is first simply cut from the belt strap. The strap is then fitted into the secure hold of the clamp pin and Voilà – a hypoallergenic belt! (Easy instructions are included with each order).

The Titanium Work Buckle is truly a workhorse of a belt buckle, and looks good while it does the job! This center bar buckle takes center stage with its combination of high polish on the inner sides and a brushed satin finish on the outer sides. This buckle also comes with a full lifetime guarantee!

Maybe jewelry is the perfect stocking stuffer for the person on your list. If so, the earrings at are practically one-of-a-kind, which should make your giftee feel extra special. Since these Nickel Free Earrings are designed and handcrafted locally, there will be a limited number of them around! In addition to being unique gifts, these earrings are lovely and are also guaranteed to never cause a nickel allergy rash. The newest collection of nickel free earrings is made up of the Dichroic Glass Dangles and Posts. The dichroic glass is designed and fired in the same artists’ studio who create the earrings. Due to the process, none of the earrings will appear exactly the same! Maybe after long hours of shopping, you’re needing something to make your season bright? The Hypoallergenic Seasonal Earrings are sure to bring a smile, lighten your heart, and never cause a nickel rash!

This year, genuine leather wallets and coasters were introduced to the NoNickel store. Made by the same leather craftsmen who perfect the fine leather belts, these Leather Goods would make a nice addition to anyone’s stocking!

While on the surface it may not appear to be an exciting gift, there are many nickel allergy sufferers who would benefit from, and greatly appreciate owning the invaluable Nickel Solution™ kit, which allows them to test any metal for nickel then provide a nickel barrier to protect the skin from that nickel. Nickel Solution contains one bottle each of Nickel Alert™ which is a dmg spot test that provides accurate and fast nickel testing and Nickel Guard™ a lacquer designed specifically for those with sensitive skin as it does not contain harmful chemicals that could exacerbate allergy symptoms.

Depending on how big the stocking, you could always stuff in a Certified Nickel Free Belt. So many choices, so little time! Be sure to shop the Cyber Week sales from Friday, November 27 to Friday, December 4, 2015! You’ll save big on these small treasures!

Sensational Stocking Stuffers: Little nickel free gifts make a big impression!